Android Pay – How Well Does It Fare With Apple Pay?

The E-Commerce Workroom recently looked at a new transaction method brought in by Apple Pay, which is usable only by those who are already part of the Apple ecosystem (iPhone 6/6+/Apple Watch). Apple are always secretive about their new releases and do not attempt to make them compatible with non-Apple devices.

Therefore the latest announcement from Android will excite the mass-market as Android have now released their own new pay system not long after. I’m sure it was no surprise to soon after find out Android were yet again following in the shadows of Apple’s, Apple Pay with their own “Android Pay” – made for Android users but set to be more compatible with other devices. So here at the Workroom we looked a little deeper into this Android pay.

android pay

Android and Apple have always had rivalry. Even though they deal with the same type of products, their strategies are very different. Android itself is mainly an operating system – but one that is now massive and used by many hardware manufacturers. Much like Apple Pay, Android Pay is for in-store and in-app buys. Since our article on Apple Pay, Apple have expanded their partnered shops – just always remember that you’re more than likely to see Android pay wherever you see Apple Pays logos.

Simply Secure

Android use the same type of security method as Apple. Tokenization – When a purchase is made, in-app or in-store, your card details are not shown to the given company. A secret coding replaces your details. One plus for the Android version is that you don’t have to wait for days to receive an interactive receipt of purchase, it is automatic and done straight away listing your purchases so you can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

Trusted Tracking

Another feature which makes Android Pay more secure is, if your phone ever got lost or stolen and you had your cards stored inside the Android Pay, you would easily be able to access your data from Android Device Manager and wipe any private personal information from the phone including your card details.

An added advantage but maybe seen as a disadvantage to Android Pay is the simplicity of the system. Considering when you reach your Apple Pay feature you are greeted with a security finger-print scanner which can sometimes cause delays in stores whereas Android just lets you swipe your card straight away you are off.

Well, Where?

Android try to persuade you on their website that their Android Pay is the better option compared to PayPal and ApplePay’s services, however the decider between both Pay’s was mainly based on who will be the first to expand and release their new feature to the UK and Australia, especially China and India. However, it looks like Apple have done it again and sneakily got ahead of everything as Apple Pay’s release in the UK happened on the 14th July. (2015) – Don’t get too excited and forget that it only works on 5 devices, pretty much – iPhone 6, 6+, iPad mini 2/3 and Apple watches (which only works with an iPhone 5 or later model).

Real Rewards

Something which benefits Android a little more than Apple is the rewards which Android hand out. – Being rewarded for purchases is something everybody could not deny as satisfaction. These “loyalty” reward points are tracked by the retailer so your “reward” could happen at any time.



So there we have it, a description on the new Android Pay, Its features and why it is somewhat better than Apple Pay. It is only currently available in the US and at this current moment in time there has been no talk of the release of Android Pay in the UK, it has been mainly focused on US Android users, however I am sure that they will release it to the UK and Europe in general very soon. – Just keep your eyes peeled.

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