Apple Mobile Payment – Details Announced

Apple recently announced their new ‘Apple Pay’ mobile payment system for their UK customers at their WWDC keynote speaking. This service is set to be available for users in the UK in July, and from the start will be available for use in over 250,000 stores across the UK.

Not only is this a new type of mobile payment, made by Apple, available in apps it is also to be seen as one of the leading the new forms of contactless payment, and working in a handful of well known high-street retailers.

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What is Apple pay?

Apple pay is a mobile payment service that is yet to be released over here in the UK, around July 2015 (or that’s the forecast) when you get Apple Pay you have two options for what you can use it for

  • In Store
  • In-app purchase

Something that excited apple fanatics may find a problem is that this service is only available for iPhone 6/6 plus users, or if you have an Apple watch it can be paired with your iPhone 5 or any of the latest models past that. Which means if you have anything under iPhone 5, you won’t be able to access this service. However, for In-app purchases you can also use the iPad models Air 2 or Air 3.

There are already so many types of mobile payments, such as: Google Wallet, Lemon Wallet and PayPal, with each having various strengths and weaknesses. However, we have never really seen something defined and to the point. People like simplicity not 3 pages of forms to fill out.

The key questions to ask about Apple Pay is, is it convenient and trustworthy?

Convenient meaning – Is it going to benefit customers any differently from existing mobile payments? Is it any faster than them? Is there any extra cost to use the service?

Trustworthy meaning – What are the services like? Are they any safer than existing apps? Is it any more reliable? The dilemma that has raised concerns is, what if your Internet connection is not strong enough to connect and go through with your payment? Is it worth the struggle? This is a really off-putting subject matter, which unfortunately needs to be raised.

But is it any different from what is currently available?

The difference is a noticeable one. Considering Apple have sold over 1BILLION IOS devices in the world and made over $18 billion profit in the process, they are one of the biggest companies in the world. The reason they are different is because of those two key factors I said earlier, convenience and trust. They have strongly answered these factors through a very simple user experience endorse banks and their security is one of the best I have heard, with it embedded in their hardware.

Like everything else apple have made it is all very niched and well thought about. For example, one of their most successful money-making options are making their charging devices specific to that device, meaning you could not use any other charging device for you apple product and vice-versa (no other device could take the apple charging device) So I am excited to see how this new service turns out as they supply you with a new way of payment. Apple are a very trusting figure, so why not give it a go?

How does it work “in-app” and “in-store”?

The way it has been designed for In-app is literally so simple. All it takes is one single click, and if you already have an Apple Pay account then your account details are automatically filled, saving you that extra bit of time, By touching the ID touch sensor this then processes your purchase and its all done. You can use your iPhone 6/6 plus and the latest iPads to-do this.

In store it is almost as simple as contactless payments. By holding your phone to the nearest NFC point your phone will naturally be told to open your card ready to pay and again by touching the ID sensor your payment is done. However, you can only use this if you own an iPhone 6/6 plus or an Apple watch that is connected with an iPhone 5 (and any latest of the latest iPhones).

What is the Security like?

This is definitely one thing people are going to be concerned about. However, in recent news PayPal have been taking digs at Apple mobile payment, as they have done with Apple itself before. They related the system as being “safe as selfies” which came from recent celebrity nudity leaks.

Well to put your mind at rest I did some more research on whether it is safe or not and green is go. Once you have made a transaction for a short while it is saved into your Passbook which is already associated with Apple mobile payment, but for your cards etc. This does not store transaction information, meaning it could never be traced back to you. Maybe PayPal were jealous as they used to handle the app store and iTunes transactions!

When you make transactions with Apple Pay it makes all your card details anonymous using a type of technology called Tokenisation, which basically substitutes any valuable, sensitive data into a non-sensitive case.

How do I get onto Apple pay then?

You will be able to access Apple Pay, only on an IPhone 6 & 6+ or by connecting your Apple watch to use it through that, but to access you will need an iPhone 5 or anything later. When making an In-app purchase and already having had your card details assigned to your iPhone it will automatically update it all into Apple pay.

If you purchased an iPhone 6 or a watch just for the satisfaction of this service then you will need to add your card and to do this you will need to take a picture using the phones built in camera and it securely accepts it.

So, what is the future for Apple Pay?

The future for Apple Mobile Payment looks bright, just like everything else they have made and like everything else, it has been well thought about to make it an extra perfect addition to the Apple collection. There is already a stat for how it is doing in the U.S, within the first 72 hours of its follow release there was over 1 million apple card activations and by because of this it was recorded as of the biggest contactless payments in the U.S.

There are fears that Apple Pay will not have the longevity to keep up their interest in the payment area, however its Apple so I would not be surprised if everything runs smoothly with their new E-commerce feature.

Very slowly we will be starting to see the traditional wallet disappearing, so I guess we won’t see really will we because it will be just gone. However we have a long time before that, but take into consideration how a digital camera is slowly being taken over by the mobile phone and having high quality resolutions. So why would mobile payment not do the same with a wallet?

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