Blitz JS is the Workrooms proprietary e-commerce system. Built to leverage the speed and dynamism of the latest, cutting edge, web application frameworks to deliver a lightweight CMS that is easier to customise.

Why use Blitz JS?

These are some of the main reasons why we’d recommend Blitz JS:

  • Speed – built using the latest Javascript based web development technologies meaning it’s at the cutting edge for unparalleled reactivity and load speeds.
  • Lightweight framework, therefore so quicker to develop with and more flexible to deliver custom solutions.
  • Simplicity – less features than Magento but therefore less updates and less complexity.  

Blitz JS services

The Workroom developed Blitz JS for a simpler and quicker alternative to Magento, and to leverage the power of the latest web technologies in e-commerce.

Highly custom integrations into Magento can be problematic and require ongoing work due to keep moving parts fully integrated and functional. Blitz JS is a great way of delivering this functionality through a lightning quick platform building with the latest technology. It’s also quicker to get going for retailers who don’t need the many of the features and functionality that Magento offers.

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