Ecommerce Canterbury – Our Favourite Examples Of Local Ecommerce

We are advocates that Canterbury is a great place to do business and has a burgeoning digital sector. There’s some really great digital events in Canterbury ranging from large tech meet-ups like Digibury to smaller events like “Lean Start-up Coffee” that all help to foster a great digital community in the area. This was recently highlighted by Meridian TV’s report on the growing Digital Sector in Canterbury and East Kent which showed many of the reasons why Canterbury has a blossoming digital sector and why many online businesses are choosing to work from here.

Clearly being close to London (and Europe) without having to incur London costs, places Canterbury and East Kent in a great position to attract customers from those areas, as well as being a great place to live which helps to attract the right staff.  At Re-Think we think that Ecommerce is one of the key drivers of this digital regeneration of Canterbury, and we see Ecommerce Canterbury as one of the key factor in generating more jobs and employment in the area in the future. We thought we’d point out some great examples of Ecommerce Canterbury to give some great examples of online retail in the East Kent and Canterbury area.

Ecommerce Canterbury, some of our favourites are below.

Brogdale Juices

Brogdale Farm Ecommerce, Ecommerce Canterbury

This is a really great example of an ecommerce site that does so many things right by keeping it simple. So many ecommerce websites over complicate things and barrage the visitor with different messages. The Brogdale Juices website is very easy to use following basic principles of usability that many websites neglect. Underlining links and keeping things simple in a similar way that the website did that has received many plaudits for it’s usability.

This simplicity does not take away from the product displays which look fantastic and give the right information needed to reinforce why retailers should stock the product. It has got great copy and with some great artwork of Henry VIII, to help project an image of a traditional and quality English product.

Z&B Vintners

Z&B Vintners Ecommerce, Ecommerce Canterbury

Now this website is not strictly an ecommerce website though we like it a lot. Anyone who sells wine (or any alcohol) on the internet knows it is a fools errand to do so trying to compete on price as supermarkets will always win that battle. Therefore, the aim should always be to be sell the brand for those after quality. Z&B Vintners website gets this right and shows that the brand is about high end quality produce.

Great photography and great design combine to project the image of quality wine. The website does a good job of breaking down the different sections of the business whilst maintaining a cohesive and highly professional feel. The Tasting Notes are an interesting read and give a good flavour of the product, though I’d like to see a quick glance table for those who don’t wish to read the full paragraph, and a couple more options in searching through categories would be useful but generally it looks great.

Catalan Food And Wine

Catalan SG, Ecommerce Canterbury

OK, so we’re a little biased as this is one of ours. But we’re still proud that this adds to the great selection of varied businesses doing online retail in Canterbury, which is especially strong in the food and drink sector as there are some great food and drink businesses around the Good Shed in Canterbury and this is one of them.

We think this website looks great and covers all bases in order to deliver sales, but we wouldn’t want to use this article to blow our own trumpet so please see the full details here.

The Fudge Company

Fudge Company Ecommerce, Ecommerce Canterbury

I’ve not ordered any of their fudge but I’d love to as it looks delicious. The fact that it looks so enticing means that the website is doing the right things. Good product imagery is vital  in ecommerce and they have some great shots of some extremely tasty looking fudge. As well as images, they’ve also got some great videos too. We also like the selection of fudge products that they have. In ecommerce, it is important to own a niche and get visitors and traffic in for that, and they have a great range of fudge related products without deviating into less relevant products.

My main reason for adding this to the selection of Ecommerce Canterbury examples, is the way that they have dealt with the configuration issue. It is a product where people want to mix and match and this can prove difficult to make the ability to do that not seem overwhelming and confusing to the user. This website manages to give users that ability without confusing them which is great.

Canterbury Guided Tours

Canterbury Tours Ecommerce, Ecommerce Canterbury

This website has been chosen because the home page gives a nice feel for Canterbury which is important for them to sell tours. We really like the reinforcement through respected brands such as Visit Canterbury, Visit Kent and Trip Adviser and the clear call to actions shown throughout the website.

On the downside though, I really want more information on the product (the tours) because I’d like to know exactly what it consists of and why I’d like to see those places, and ideally with pictures too. Responsive would be extremely useful too as many of their potential customers may be out and about without desktop computer access.


There are some great online retailers around the Canterbury area. It’s a great place to do business and is particularly strong in the food and drink sector.

We’re looking to keep this “Ecommerce Canterbury” blog constantly updated with great examples of local Ecommerce businesses you think we should include then please do drop the examples over and if we judge them to be good and interesting examples, we’ll put them up.

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