5 Ecommerce Content Marketing Growth Hacks

Content marketing has become one of the key tools in online digital marketing. It is forever evolving with new social media applications, new tools and the way our customers want to be catered for. Not all content marketing has to be a time consuming slog to create the next viral blog review, with some quick and easy Ecommerce content marketing growth hacks, you can start benefiting from the content driven traffic into your E-commerce website.

We have created a list of 5 E-commerce content marketing growth hacks which you can use to grow your E-commerce business.

  • Live stream / Vlogging / Real Time

Live_streamReal time applications and tools might seem like an obvious example of an effective E-commerce content marketing growth hack but used correctly it can be an effective and easy way to generate content.

With the advanced range of real-time social media applications and tools available and with over 90% of the UK’s population owning a smartphone it opens up so many avenues for you to connect with your target market. Businesses, and more so E-commerce businesses, are beginning to realise the advantage of using applications such as Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope and many more to connect and engage with their customers on a more personal basis. It’s so easy nowadays to just whip out your phone and take a Snapchat image or video (which only lasts up to 10 seconds depending on if you add it to your story then it lasts for 24 hours) of a stock delivery or new products arriving – maybe when you are networking at an event? Each application has its own specific purpose so finding the right platform to promote your products, services and brand is very important.

This doesn’t mean you have to completely dismiss your blog, you could add a welcome video or “thanks for watching” video at the end of your blog. You could also add in a video on how to use your products or services, for example a tutorial or review. By using this type of E-commerce growth hack you would not only be expanding your current marketing avenues to promote your E-commerce business but also would also be allowing yourself to engage with your customers on social network sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr and Viddler.

  • Analytics Data

Our second E-commerce content marketing growth hack is analytics data to take into consideration with a blog. If you are sticking to traditional E-commerce content marketing methods such as your typical text blog then, take a good look at it and really consider whether it is suitable for your target market. Creating content is pointless if you have not made any consideration for target market or demographics and measured to the correct level. In this day and age it would be a waste of time for both you and your audience if the content isn’t engaging or out of context for your demographic. We previously blogged some examples of good E-commerce content marketing so you can always head over there for some ideas more E-commerce content marketing growth hacks.

One thing which E-commerce businesses are really not doing is researching the demographics and analytics of the customers and how they are engaging with the content. It is crucially important that you make sure you are looking at how well your blogs are preforming to get some idea on what your audience want to read. You can get this information from analytics’s to see what their interests are, age, gender, location and much more. By applying your insider knowledge into your blog and giving the audience something they want to read  you will see your engagement rocketing resulting in potential sales or website traffic. If your not creating relevant engaging content then your E-commerce business is more than likely going fall through the roof in terms of the ranking and competitors, try creating content which is going to inform and help customers to their everyday needs, this is where another one of our tips can come in hand – Transparency.

  • Buyers Guide (What are your top/must have products?)

    currys_This next E-commerce content marketing growth hack might initially seem daunting but could actually be much easier than it appears, every business person has the inside knowledge about their business and their stock that others on the outside don’t have and a buyers guide is just getting that information down on a easy, clear document.

    By creating some form of guide, like a ‘buyers guide’ informing potential customers useful information and tips about a certain product to help them pick them make the best purchase; like Curry’s have done, having available a TV guide on all the different shapes and sizes of TV brackets to help you buy the perfect one. Now, when providing value towards a potential customer you can give more than the manufacturer’s specifications, but your own inside knowledge.

    Try writing a guide on the top products of the year in your store. Not just technical specification, explain simply, why it is the top product and what are the advantages. This is where you could potentially combine a buyers guide with real-time applications/vlogging, show the customer more than just a 2d image of the product but a detailed specification or review of real world application of your products.

      • Insights / Transparency


    Something which has been expanding rapidly over the past few years and evidently is a an effective E-commerce growth hack is the transparency of the E-commerce businesses and content, it has been known to be a way of building lasting loyal relationships with customers. Social media platforms allow you to open up your businesses engage with your customers and tell a story with it, let your customers know what you are doing and what goes on in the office.

    However if not done correctly this can also have a bad affect on your business, good transparency involves timing, honesty and open-mindedness towards a customer. If you put yourself in the customer’s shoes, what would you expect from your brand and business?

      • Social Selling


    Our last E-commerce content marketing growth hack is something which is already being utilised by some E-commerce businesses but the take up by other businesses has been slow. Social selling is already being integrated on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. And is evidently, an effective way of selling aside from your website. There is a huge range of platforms which allow you to sell online such as EBay, Amazon and Rakuten, however these platforms restrict or ban links back to your site, so although they are good for selling they restrict your brand awareness on the platform. You can read all about social selling platforms here.

We hope you found these E-commerce content marketing growth hacks useful when writing and planning your own content for the year ahead, if you have any further comments or questions regarding anything we have mentioned please feel free to Tweet us @ecommerce_kent or find us on Facebook!