Ecommerce Delivery And Packaging – Why Re-Thinking The ‘Back Office’ Is Crucial

Running a successful ecommerce business requires several elements to be in place behind the scenes, as well as the external side that the customers can see. Having products that people want is a prerequisite to ‘getting out the blocks’, but there then follows a series of processes and experiences centering around ecommerce delivery and packaging that follow on from a customer placing an order and that order being delivered.

Operational elements influence the customer’s  happiness with the process and the likelihood of them placing another order in the future.

Once the order is placed it is vital that the ecommerce delivery and packaging and general back office functions are performed exceptionally well and the customer feels ‘looked after’ and valued.

These functions are primarily concerned with the customer having a good experience when the order arrives safely and promptly, and that the costs are at the right levels for the business to be profitable.

What Do We Mean By Back Office?

Re-Think Ecommerce can provide advice and assistance with all ecommerce delivery and packaging – including the stockecommerce packaging and delivery management systems, control systems, packaging, carriers and returns systems.

1.  Stock
Irrespective of the products you must decide how to create, order and store your products. You may decide to have you own premises to hold products, or you may choose to outsource the whole storage and fulfillment to a specialist company. Minimum order quantities can create massive storage problems when your supplier will only supply a container full of products.

2. Control Systems
Not only does stock need to be closely controlled, but the whole process from the order placement, payment methods, invoice creation to carrier packing labels must be error free. There are many simple low cost computer systems that can manage the whole ecommerce order and fulfillment process.

3. Packaging
Re-Think Ecommerce work closely with a packaging company that can advice on the appropriate packaging – whether it’s carton, polybag, or specialist medium and the protection material to ensure the order arrives undamaged.

4. Carriers
Choosing a carrier is not only a matter of cost, its a matter of confidence and service. Delivering the order at the expected time and day, and the process of re-delivery if the customer is not home must be performed exceptionally well. Your customers will hold you directly accountable if this fails, and a customer can be lost if this is not a good experience.

5. Returns System
Having a simple and clear returns procedure will encourage a customer to place the initial order.

6. Customer Contact
Although many of the elements of customer relationships and contact are dealt with by Re-Think in our ongoing customer management,  it is also vital that the customer has a quick and easy way to seek help or advice about an order. Email is the easy option, but it is not always ideal, and you should explore the idea of giving a ‘Stand Out’ service by offering a telephone number or Online Chat.

If you respond quickly and effectively to customers questions or problems they will love you!

Re-Think Ecommerce have experience of working closely with online retailers selling a variety of different products and can give advice and pricing guideless on all of the above. Please get in contact today with any questions.

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