eCommerce Product Page Requirements – Making The Ideal Product Page

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An attractive, well optimised website with high numbers of visitors interested in buying your products counts for very little if your product pages are not effective in turning those visitors into buyers. People who are interested in buying the product MUST be given the information they need in order to make the purchase decision, and to get that information there are certain ecommerce product page requirements that you must ensure your website fulfills if it is going to be successful at selling online.ecommerce product page requirements

The Six eCommerce Product Page Requirements

1. High Quality Product Images

  • An image is always the first thing that a visitor will notice as soon as he lands on your store’s product page. Good product images can add life to your store and help your website convert more visitors to buyers so is a fundamental ecommerce product page requirements.
  • Pay special attention to the default image of the product description page as this should be really high quality as it needs to draw people into the product page.
  • Avoid using generic stock photography on your website in general – take actual pictures of real people using your products, and don’t just show a single image, show as many as you can and from different angles.

2. Pay Attention To The Product Description

  • After the product image, the second most important element that plays an important role in improving the conversion rate of your store is the product’s description.
  • Keep the most important features of the product at the beginning of paragraphs and bullets.
  • Don’t try to pester, persuade or build a hype about the product – users will know if your claims aren’t genuine.< p >

3. Offer Two Versions Of The Product Description – Summary and Detailed.

  • The product summary will be read by the visitors who are in a hurry and the detailed version will be read by visitors who are willing to spend more time knowing about the product and getting more confident about their buying decision.
  • Use bullet points to make the information easier for the visitors to consume

4. Deal With The Pain Points (Shipping, Returns, Pricing ) – and link out to separate full pages on these.

  • This is the elephant in the room that bad online retailers will ignore and hope that the visitor hasn’t thought about but is one of the essential ecommerce product page requirements. Unfortunately this approach doesn’t work as the user will definitely have thought about this and it must be dealt with in an up front and clear manner.
  • Privacy, shipping details, FAQ and returns policy should all be easily visible and accessible and link to full pages within easy reach of the product and checkout screen.

5. Aim To Show Product Videos (For Your Top Selling Products At Least)

  • With the technology getting cheaper and more accessible, more and more stores are embracing videos to show their products which is proven to increase sales.
  • Show videos along with product pictures and see if the addition impacts the sale of the product.

6. Encourage Reviews

  • Collecting product reviews has to be made part of the sales process itself. A lot of ecommerce platforms will have a system for automatically sending an email to a buyer a set period after they have bought the product.
  • This is really beneficial to selling more products. It may not always be feasible to create unique copies for each and every page on the website or adding content to different pages at regular basis. This is where user generated content comes in handy. Thus content like user reviews can have a direct impact on traffic, conversion rate and average order value of your store.
  • Not only do good product reviews add a lot of content on a product page but they help sell more of the products. Positive customer reviews make your store more shop worthy and thus can have a direct impact on the store’s conversion rate.

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