Great Examples of Content Marketing in E-Commerce

Usually the first thought for e-commerce sites when it comes to marketing is to focus their efforts on online advertising such as PPC and social media marketing, with content marketing given less of a priority. This might be true in the past but online marketing has evolved.The online marketing arena is a different beast compared to offline marketing and one big difference between the two is the fast-paced cycles and development which mean that what holds true in the past might not be applicable now, like content marketing in E-Commerce.
Now many of the leading E-Commerce sites have shifted their focus in recent times to content marketing because of it’s increased level of importance. E-Commerce sites like, and are making use of content marketing to raise bring people into their sites and increase their credibility in their area of retail. Below are some of the online retailers that we think are doing the best job of exploiting the new growth in e-commerce content marketing-


wiggle content
Wiggle is an e-commerce site that caters to people with active lifestyles, specifically people who are into running, swimming, cycling and triathlon. They offer a wide variety of products from bicycles, clothing, shoes, gadgets and supplements to name a few.
Wiggle takes its content marketing strategy seriously. In fact, they have a special sub-domain for it –
What you can find in the subdomain are largely reviews and guides. They have a good selection of how-to guides, which are detailed to say the least. You can also find video and article reviews. Their content also features great everyday pictures of actual users, which really helps when it comes to the credibility of the reviews.


Naturebox is an e-commerce site that sells healthy snacks. More specifically, they feature nuts and fruit snacks. Some of their products are processed, but it’s all natural processing with no artificial preservatives.
naturebox content
When it comes to content, Naturebox is simply amazing especially with their pictures. Of course, they feature short and concise article content for their individual products too and excel at content marketing in E-Commerce.
When you browse around Naturebox, it’s easy to spot that the site is not cutting corners when it comes to pictures. They are crisp and high quality, with great image compositions. It’s the perfect strategy for an e-commerce site that sells snacks as the pictures make your mouth water.

Canterbury Oak Store

Canterbury Oak Store is a website that sells furniture, mostly out of oak wood. The first thing that you will notice about their site is the clean interface, with a lot of white space; which makes it appealing apple mac benchto the eyes.
When it comes to content, they have a blog section dedicated to home design tips and round-ups of interesting furniture pieces.  We particularly like the monthly round-ups of quirky and interesting furniture pieces every month, such as the bench made out of old Macs (pictures right).
The website also has a newsletter, which is a great way of keeping in touch with their customers, whether for informing new deals, new products or providing quality content.



Monster Supplements

MonsterSupplements is an e-commerce site that mainly sells workout and body building supplements. They have a wide selection of products from different brands.
monster supplement content
When it comes to content marketing in E-Commerce,  MonstersSuppements have aced it. The thing about workout and bodybuilding supplements is that customers need a lot of information as there are so many in the market for varying purposes. It’s easy to get lost and an advice of an expert is very much welcomed.
This is where MonsterSupplements set itself from other supplement-selling websites. They have e a special section, called “Resources”, that help customers getting informed anything related to bodybuilding or working out. They feature reviews and attention-grabbing articles, especially when it comes to workout routines.


WaitRose is one of the most well known brands on the English high streets, and out of all the well known brands, they do content marketing extremely well. They are the highest ranking supermarket for the keyword “recipies” which shows their customers and Google waitrose recipeboth value their huge online recipe section.
When it comes to content, this e-commerce site is rich with pictures. However, it is the their article section that is the main highlight. The website features different tasty recipes with great pictures. It really does make you want to make your own meals, and of course shop from them for the ingredients.



In these recent times, the online eCommerce arena has drastically changed and a big part of that has been the development of content marketing in E-Commerce. As buyers get more educated, the need for content is demanding more attention from webmasters. Some e-commerce sites already know about this need and you can check Wiggle, Naturebox, Canterburyoakstore, MonsterSupplements and Waitrose to see great, real-life examples.