Five Ways To Improve Your Website Usability

Website usability needs to be at the forefront of the thoughts of anyone creating or managing a website, if it is going to be successful in fulfilling its primary function and generate enquiries and sales. Below are five pointers to help you achieve your usability goals

1.Improve the navigation

The most sure fire way to irritate your users is if they are unable to to find the things that they go on the site to find, and this is a really simple thing to test. One easy way to do that is by coming up with a list of things that people could be going on to the site to do, e.g. find an address, check if you have a certain product etc. Put these functions in a list and ask users which navigation heading they would expect to find that function under. Edit and adjust including changing heading titles until you are sure there is an alignment between expectations and reality.

2.Describe your user

Taking the time to clearly articulate your main user’s goals and motivations is one of the best ways we have to ensure your website or web application is on the right track. This doesn’t mean the demographic such as age and interests but describe your users’ goals, needs and behaviors since these provide specific ideas to design and build around.


This is an absolute must in web design these days as it is simple, easy and gives invaluable feedback in website usability. In simple terms, this means giving the site to someone, asking them to perform a task and then watching the result. There are a number of great online resources for performing this these days such as to give large amount of quick feedback on what people really think of your site/product.

4.Define the desired user experience objective

Think about the kind of user experience you want your users to have and then think about how you might define and measure that experience. Usability is not an intangible concept but can be measured and tested if the experience of what is to be achieved is properly defined. This will help inform the team creating the site and give you the measurable factors to ensure the site is on track to achieving these goals.

5.Compare with ideal path

It is easy to get caught up in beautiful design and forget the primary function of the site which is to perform a function and get things done. Forget your site for a moment and create a list of the general functions that need to be performed and then think of the ideal path that someone would want to follow in order to achieve that. For example – 1. Visit Home Page. 2. Click Product Page 3. See Product. Then compare that to what the actual path is to get the desired result. See what extra stages you have and how that can be simplified.

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