How to Ensure A Fresh ECommerce Website and Effective UX

Keeping your website up to date looking vibrant and fresh is essential when trying to keep up with your competitors, in the ever evolving world of online retail, people want to buy from companies that show they’re at the leading edge of their industry. So you need to ensure you have a fresh Ecommerce website combined with an effective user experience (UX) to keep existing customers coming back and promoting your site to other potential customers.

There are a number of things which you can do to offer a fresh Ecommerce website and have an effective UX design to keep your existing and potential customers coming back:

  • Content

fresh_ecommerce_website_contentContent is king. Really? Well maybe, if your website isn’t your strongest point at the moment then you can at least ensure the content is compelling. There are so many different content options now which you can choose to making some quality content for your audience.  As long as it’s good, consistent and coherent with the overall brand message – you will still be able to build trusting relationships with potential customers, regardless of the standard of the over-all website.

  • Be Unique and Original


Although we say content is king, when it comes to your own website you don’t want to be copying and pasting old content into your new fresh ecommerce website. In terms of plagiarism – literal copied and pasted content from any other websites, then this breaches copyright as well as crushes any chance of your content ranking in a search engine. When it comes to creating or applying content to your website, try having your own twist on it and give your own opinions and thoughts, even if this means re-writing an old blog and updating it. 

  • Navigation and Design

fresh_ecommerce_website_navigationWhen thinking about the design of your website, the UX is not always the first thought, but most users wouldn’t go further if they clicked on a very messy cheap looking site and couldn’t navigate quickly around it. So don’t make your visitors feel confused,  make them feel welcome with a fresh ecommerce website and the sales will reflect their improved experience.

  • Trends/Layouts

fresh_ecommerce_website_trends_layoutIt is not advisable to jump onto every new trend, as the trends come and go whereas key ecommerce principles remain constant. However, it is always worth keeping up to date with what your rivals are doing and improving where you can. This may mean you need to re-think your design but keep up with the latest ecommerce trends and see what the most popular design options are.

  • Personal To The Company


Although yes, it’s good to have an effective UX design and keep your content fresh and relevant, you also need to make sure you stick true to your brand and continue to reflect what’s important to you and your audience, like your goals and missions. Take the time to include the brand’s personality and show potential customers that aside all the trends you are true to your ethnics and the customer.

  • Omni/Multi-Channel


In E-Commerce, not enough are considering the different channels in which customers are finding them on. In the UK alone, 65% of people use their mobile to complete their transactions, so how responsive and sleek is your website on mobile? By ensuring you are regularly checking your website on other devices such as: tablet, mobile, the watch and more – you will be giving your potential customers to choice to either research whilst on the go, or sitting at their desk at work. Having a clean website will also increase the trust between you and a potential customer. You can use tools such as to check how your website it going to look on different devices and make sure you are giving the most responsive UX.



  • User Understanding

User_understandingWhen it comes to deciding the look and feel of your website, don’t base your decisions on what YOU like. Look at your website analytics to find out what the most important parts to your website and how your audience are navigating around your site. You need to remember that you are designing the website for your potential/existing customers, so what’s best for them? It’s also a good idea to include some personalisation. For example, after a client or customer has logged in display their name in the account section.



One last pointer; by keeping your website updated you also improve your SEO. There are a number of different routes you need to take to ensure you have the best SEO outcome such as product meta, descriptions, titles and everything we mentioned above. When designing a fresh ecommerce website, be sure that you include the keywords from your SEO research across your site as this will also improve the search engine ranking and potential customers can find you.

We hope you found these tips on ensuring a fresh ecommerce website helpful, if you have any questions or want to discuss this further Tweet us @ecommerce_kent or comment below.