How Ecommerce Sites are Using Content Marketing To Boost Engagement

Content Marketing has long been the key tool for digital marketers. Although content has been being created for many years already within online, recently, ecommerce sites are using content marketing to boost engagement more and more, as though it has just been discovered as a way of building reputation and brand awareness. But why, how and what are they using to be good content marketers?


As e-commerce specialists, we are long battling to get business owners to understand the importance of creating content, before, during and after a website is being built to help boost engagement and gain more traffic, and therefore we are constantly preaching about the benefits of what the right content can do for their business.

We want to explain the importance of content marketing, what it does and ways you can be using content marketing to boost engagement in Ecommerce, properly.

Why do I need content for my ecommerce site, what are the purposes?

1. Brand awareness / Promotion

By sharing/creating good quality content, that is useful to your target market, they are seeing and sharing your brand, which is then being promoted to more of your target market. Your audience will begin to recognising you as a key figure within your niche.


2. Improved SEO Ranking with Search Engines

When you write a blog, or create any content, it should be consistent with your niche, other wise you can give off the wrong impression to your company and lose rankings in search engine results because you are not using your relevant keywords/phrases.


3. Improved social and Personal Reach

Not only will creating content and sharing it through social media build your level of traffic, it will also improve your reputation on social networking platforms – The majority of Ecommerce sites are using content marketing to boost engagement in social media.


4. Increase in Sales

Finally, let’s state the obvious, if your brand is becoming more of a trusted face with your target audience, your traffic increases, your search engine results improve, and so does your social reputation, so this only could mean good things for your business.

All of these key factors are not just related to content but they all relate to your website. Creating good content gets you good results from your website.

Which UK and Kent Based E-commerce businesses are Using Content Marketing to Boost Engagement?

Retro Sweet

The website has a simple look, and slightly underwhelming design in places, however it is 5 star for its content marketing.


The thing which really gives them such a good rating for content is their blog section. (See images above) They have a very thorough blog and covers  After visiting other Ecommerce sweet stores it is clear that this is something they are vitally missing. They have provided things like “Popular sweets in the 80’s“, “Films to watch with your sweets” and “reasons to making a sugary hamper“.

JustMustard –

This Ecommerce store, has a pretty slick UX and really plays with the fact they sell unique products.




They have used clear and colourful pictures to draw your eyes in immediately and interest you. They give you an option to help you with present ideas for both male or female, which is useful way of finding gifts for difficult to buy for people. The products themselves all have a preview of the product in use, which gives people more of an idea of how to use their products and how unique they are before purchased. Their blog link is not displayed prominently on their website so as to not distract people from making the purchases. This means it is almost impossible to find unless you add /blog to the end of the URL, however they have a really full blog – with competitions, promotions, features but most of all, useful content, for what seems like a young adult. They include recipes and tips on student life which will draw their target audience in.

Canterbury Oak 

This Ecommerce store provides the right kind of content for their customers –

canterbury_oak canterbury_oak_homepage

Canterbury Oak is also an E-commerce site which creates regular content. Their blog page can be found in the footer of the page, under “news” and once you open it, their blog is just as thorough and helpful as the front pages. They give you lots of tips and ideas for your home and not just relating to the furniture they sell. It is clear they are passionate about helping people with improving their home. They give you lots of images in the blogs to give you a clear understanding of what they are talking about – If you ever need advice about your home, this is the place to go.


Finally, this eco-friendly company is friendly on supplying content.



This green company give a clear impression on the fact they are an eco-friendly company which sell eco-friendly products. They have a separate navigation bar at the top of the page but isn’t really that clear. Here is where you can find the blog section which is the best bit for their content! They practically give away how they make their products, which shows they are high on being transparent with their customer. They give you tips and how-to guides on making their products yourself and being eco-friendly, they also have other useful home tips. Their blogs are easy to read and consist with the topic.

So here we have a list giving examples of which E-commerce sites are using content to boost engagement through their website. We hope this has helped you pick up on things about your own E-commerce site which can help your content ranking improve. – Just remember when you supply content, it needs to be relevant and useful to the customer, not you. Here at The E-commerce Workroom we can help you do all this and so much more – contact us for more details or tweet us @ecommerce_kent