Magento Kent – Why Choose Magento For Your Kent Based E-Commerce Business?

Kent is a vibrant hub of e-commerce and online retail, as it is a great location for people running an online retail business to sell throughout the UK and Europe. Magento Kent can form the backbone to your online retail operation, the skeleton to your web design dress as it is the leading software for online retail. It allows you to control and manage your content within your website without having to go into that daunting code.

Here at The E-Commerce Workroom, we are Magento Kent specialists, and it is forms the majority of the sites that we work with on a day to day basis. We are keen advocates of Magento because of its array of features, and it is known to be the leading software of choice for online retailers, from medium to large.

We often get retailers ask us why Magento Kent, and so we thought we’d summarise how important it could be for your business and why. There are two types of Magento, and we generally use the free version (community version) to start with as that is usually sufficient.   The second one is an Enterprise based software which is paid for, and less commonly used. Lets look at some of the benefits to using Magento Kent Community version and how that can really help you with with your E-Commerce. Make sure you check out our videos on reviewing your dashboard screen and adding products also a video reviewing sales and reports and also your CMS (content management system)

  • Money & Time

The Community version of Magento Kent can save you time and money. It is an Open-Source software that is regarded as being the best across the world for E-Commerce sites. Being part of a company you are more than likely to have more than just one person working, so you are able to customise your admins and restrict what they can do and who they share it with.

  • Community

    Magento community is not only a software, its literal community is huge. With over 15,000 UK business already signed up and with over 240,000 across the world. This means it is constantly being improved and updated to keep it at the forefront of e-commerce software.

  • Analytics

Magento contains a lot of stats and data for understanding the performance of your busines. You can also add your own analytic plugin such asGoogle Analytics. You can also integrate your tools like Mail Chimp, PayPal and Google Merchant which a lot of businesses use.  We have made a video covering your sales, reports and dashboard screen, just scroll down!

  • SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the largest points within your website as without it you don’t have much chance of getting shown on a web results page. Magento has tailored itself to this as it now gives your plenty of ways to improve your SEO ranking and with a boost from Magento you are more than likely to appear.

  • Mobile-friendly.

The latest version of Magento is responsive as standard making it easier for your shop to work well over all devices.  Mobile usage for retailers should be a key-focus point as mobile is slowly becoming more of a common search and buying platform.

  • Products

Obviously the main section to any e-commerce website is the products featured. Magento allows up to 500,000 products embedded into the site but also have up to 80,000 products processing through the checkout at one time. That is a lot right? Just need to ensure the right bandwidth to handle that traffic. – We have made a video covering “how to put Products into your Magento website”, just scroll to the bottom of the page!

  • Filtered Search

If people go onto your site from a web search result they have usually gone on there for a reason and they are more than likely to search for something. Magento has yet again tailored for this and make visitors search result more narrowed using parameters of key words.

  • Up-sells and cross sell

Magento Kent offers you a system which allows you to add promotional products which you want people to buy the most. You could even filter your most popular stuff and promote them like this, or you could put some suggested items around the checkout page to entice people a little more or wherever you most clicks are!

  • Safety

Magento Kent is possibly one of the safest ways to run your e-commerce site. They make sure that your website is guarded by certain security  passwords/codes which are strong enough to prevent any hacking.

  • Content

Lastly, lets talk about one of the main factors to your website. Magento allows you to customise and change your content to fit your website. When saying content we literally mean everything you do for helping your customers, for example The E-Commerce Workroom offer a blog section filled with useful E-Commerce stuff for retailers.

As I mentioned earlier, Magento allows you to add products into your website. It is a quick and easy process, if you know what you are doing. Magento supplies you with a number of useful figures and facts about your products/website (analytics) and you can get this through a brief description on the dashboard screen, however if you do not know what you are looking at then of course you are going to get confused and give up. – The E-Commerce Workroom have made a video covering these two major sections within your Magento Kent structure to help stop that confusion on how to manage and use Magentos Dashboard and also how to put products into your site. Check it out here:

The E-Commerce Workroom have also done a video covering three more important steps within Magento, your sales and reports  – “how to read your sales and reports section” and your CMS- “what is your CMS in Magento?”. Your sales and reports are two easy analytics which can give you a more precise idea on your orders, and revenue. You can also find out more details on each specific customer. Your CMS is slightly different and stands for Content Management System – this is a lot about your layouts and content. To find out more check out video here:

Magento Kent – E-Commerce Workroom Examples

Some examples of Magento being used in The E-Commerce Workroom’s Case Studies.  We have being involved with many businesses helping re-design their website as well as using Magento to full-fill their business goals. This is one example:


Sound craft

Soundcraft are a hi-tech business which supply high quality audio technology. We use Magento to add new products to their sleek looking website.


Canterbury Oak


I hope that you found these videos and points helpful when starting your own online business using Magento. – If you have any further questions or if there is anything else about Magento Kent you would like to know, do not hesitate to give us a Tweet! – @ecommerce_kent We are always happy to chat! You can also contact us via our contact page, Google+ and Pinterest.