Magento 2

Magento is the leading name in e-commerce software, from both open source through to the enterprise edition, Magento powers many of the leading online retailers in the world. Industry leaders in terms of features and functionality, it is the market leader with a thriving open source community behind it.

Why use Magento 2?

Here are some reasons we continue to love Magento:

  • Features and functionality – the industry leading e-commerce software with constantly developing platform and extensions to stay at the forefront of e-commerce.
  • Integrations – Magento Marketplace is the leading web development platform with extensions from countless partners and a community to deliver almost any functionality that can be thought of.
  • Forefront of e-commerce – constantly evolving and improving with an army of open source developers ensuring it stays at the forefront of e-commerce.  

Magento services

We’ve been heavily into Magento development since our inception as an agency over 5 years ago. We were one of the first agencies to start developing with Magento 2 and have developed Magento 2 sites for small retailers through to companies that are household names.

We’ve done some impressive work for a small agency outside of London, drop by and discuss informal your potential project and we’d be delighted to give you an overview of what we can do and what we’ve done before.

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From building an integrated ecommerce website from scratch, through to improving your current site - we can help.

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