No Risk Marketing Partnership Programme

In a competitive business environment, watching your cost of sales and ensuring return on marketing investment is a vital step to ensuring business profitability and reduce risk. The No Risk Marketing Partnership from The Workroom is a fully personalised, pay per performance system, whereby you pay for the business and marketing efforts on a per performance basis when the results have increased on a like for like period. 

The No Risk Marketing Partnership Programme will allow us to work with you no risk marketing partnershipon growing your expand, manage and analyse your businesses, while tailoring to your personal business needs and requirements. Furthermore, we will provide regular analytical data to show just how your business is progressing. All without you as a business having to take the risk on expensive marketing outlay.

Well what does that all mean?

It means that if you, as a business, decided to collaborate with the Workroom though our No Risk Marketing Partnership Programme, you wouldn’t pay for our marketing efforts until your sales increase. Whereby a percentage is taken for the revenue created.

So what can you expect?

  • A Tailored Business approach, modified to personal requirements.
  • Leading E-Commerce Strategy and analysis.
  • Proving cutting edge technological support to clients.
  • Social Media Management and Marketing.
  • Pay per click management and email marketing.
  • Happy, hardworking staff, dedicated to the development of your business.

No Risk Marketing Partnership Programme Availability

Through our new No Risk Marketing Partnership Programme process we hope to spark partnerships with businesses that share our design to grow and share our ethos. We aim to form long lasting partnerships, that benefit both parties alike.


What’s The Next Step

If the Win-Win partnership from the Workroom interests you and your business,  and you would like to find out more information, then get in contact here to drop by for a coffee and discuss if we can work with you.
We can arrange a coffee and chat meet up at our local Canterbury offices, to discuss the terms of the partnership further.