Pinterest Update – Buy Pins Directly In Pinterest

Only last Tuesday, Pinterest released a number of promising new E-Commerce features to help their 1 Million+ users buy pins directly in Pinterest. The social media site is carving our their niche in supporting retailers to promote their products to customers in a subtle way. Allowing people to find, pin and buy their favourite items. But soon, your “dream boards” will be able to become a reality with these updates soon to be released over the next few month. CEO Ben Silbermann said at the event, “these features are a big step in helping Pinterest become more of a shopping hub.”

Buyable buttons

Majority of us will remember just over a year ago, June 2015, Pinterest released buy pins from pinteresttheir exciting “Buyable Buttons”, which was the first step in converting to E-Commerce and allowing their users to buy pins directly in Pinterest. Although this has only be accessible through their iOS and Android apps, it has also been said that Pinterest will be releasing this feature on the web too. So users who switch between devices or primarily use web, can be part of this feature too.

The good news: Pinterest are currently working with 5 major E-Commerce platforms to allow retailers/etailers to enable Buyable Buttons for their products:

• Magento

• BigCommerce

• Demandware

• IBM Commerce

• Shopify

If your E-Commerce platform does not fall under one of these, Pinterest currently hold a waiting List.
The bad news is:.. those of us in the U.K won’t be able to enable this for a while as it is currently only accepted for a select few participants in the U.S.


buy pins from pinterestOne of the most exciting new updates to be expected from Pinterest within the next few months is… Users who are looking to buy pins directly in Pinterest, are now going to be able to retain an almost exact match on what they want from not only their pins but, also from their smartphone camera.

Soon If you were to see a an item you liked in a shop, but wanted to find something similar but a bit cheaper, perhaps? You could take a snap of it – upload it to your Pinterest board and automatically, using their integrated recognition algorithm, users will get results of an exact or similar match to items which they can buy directly in Pinterest from participating stores.

This works the same for when users want to buy pins directly in Pinterest. If they are to click on the image they liked, automatically Pinterest will scan the image bring up results relating to the item you wanted to see more of. It’s a win win situation for both E-Commerce/Retail and customers.

Enhanced “Shopping Bag”

Pinterest have said they have teamed up with over 20,000 merchants – big and small – to provide a collection of unique product items that users can buy directly in Pinterest.

Pinterest allows you to create niched boards and pin your favourite items from all over the web to save for later. Now, Pinterest buy pins from pinteresthave opened up a brand-new feature to enhance the shopping experience and simplify it for users looking to buy pins directly in Pinterest.

It’s called it the “Shopping Bag” and essential works like any other shopping cart on an E-Commerce site however, the difference is, you will be able to add any item that you like, assuming they are activated with the “Buyable buttons” and a participating merchant of Pinterest, into the bag. You can optionally save those items for later and come back and complete your transaction through one simple step on Pinterest, regardless of the product owner.


We think these updates will be a game changer for Pinterest and the way users buy the items they want. However, for smaller retailers trying to build up their brand using Pinterest to promote their products, these updates have made it a lot more competitive against larger more trusted brands. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t use these features within your E-Commerce business. Although Pinterest needs to hurry up and bring some of this excitement over to the UK, it won’t be seen here any time soon for us UK folks.

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