A complex project that was delivered on time to hit the deadline of being live for beta testing by 1st September, and then live by 1st October.

The web project was developed in a three month period, and then launched for Beta in September 2015, before being live to the public in October for a free trial. The Workroom have worked closely with Supply My Business in the four months succeeding the launch, as well as before, including managing social media, ongoing adaptions and maintenance.

Supply My Business are fully aligned with the central Workroom concept that a website is not a static asset, but needs to be worked with to be analysed, to grow, improve so that you can offer more to your customers and ensure you’re staying on top of your business. As such, Supply My Business come to the Workrom office for monthly battle plan meetings.

The Workroom are delighted to see the website live, and doing well, and on track to achieve the businesses long term goals as the Workrom continue to work in close partnership with them.