How To Prepare Your E-Commerce Business For Christmas

It’s that time of year again for you to start thinking about how to prepare your ECommerce business for Christmas. You should have already been preparing for this but here are a few extra tips to help you along the way with your own site.

Fast Loading

On a busy day like today, (Black Friday) shoppers are going to be scouring the web for the best deals and its pretty embarrassing when your site takes over 10 seconds to fully load – you could potentially be loosing up to 50% of potential customers because of it! With these few tips on how to make your site run faster, you’ll have no excuse to loose traffic! Make sure you are doing the same with your mobile site too, especially in this digital era.


Nobody likes to spend hours searching for what they want so to prepare your Ecommerce business for Christmas shoppers who won’t have much time, add filters to your site and categorise everything so users can refine for exactly what they want. Also, make sure your website is up to date and has effective UX – keeping users engaged and comfortable navigating around your site.

Prominent offers

Around this time of year, shoppers will be looking for the best deals and offers going on. Although nobody likes to just give stuff away – make your deals and promotions stand out above the rest. Users are more likely to be drawn in this way and purchase from you, knowing they can save money from you rather then a competitor. Here’s 5 content marketing growth hacks on how to draw customers in online.

Stock accuracy

It is so annoying for shoppers to be told at the last moment the item they wanted to purchase is out of stock – even though it said on the website there was still some available?! Make sure you prepare your ECommerce business for Christmas with the correct information as you don’t want to miss a potential sale because you gave them the wrong information. Here’s how Tesco handled their stock accuracy


One of the biggest worries with online shopping around Christmas is “Will be order arrive in time?” Make sure you make it crystal clear what the deal is. Give customers an honest answer and they are more than likely to come back or recommend you to friends and family for reliability which is a good start for building trust. Check out these few tips on how you can smoothly run the ‘back office’.

Optimise Checkout

Customers use online shopping as a streamline quick process, rather than retail shopping which requires more effort and time. Make sure that you prepare your ECommerce business for Christmas as streamline as possible, disregarding unimportant information you would usually collect like telephone numbers. Skip out the unnecessary details.

Follow ups

Trying to get your customers to engage with your marketing efforts can be a difficult task however around this time of year you are more than likely to see an increase in engagement because people are already spending a lot of time in their social media and inbox – potentially already promoting your business. By sending users delivery emails and follow up emails you remind the user of your service to them.