The Repercussions Of Neglected Websites

Last week I viewed a website whose latest addition to the “news” section was dated over a year ago. It was a lonely looking post introducing their news section and promising lots of updates to come. I had to conclude it had clearly been a slow news year for that company as no articles were forthcoming.The repercussions of neglected websites can be serious and examples of neglect are all too easy to find and clearly represent good intentions of website updates that never come to fruition, mainly because the job of keeping the site up-to-date was never taken seriously enough.

The above was by no means the most egregious example of neglected websites I found on the internet. Having viewed an “Our People” section and tried to contact someone and then get told that they left over two years ago, which really raises some questions about whether anyone from that company actually ever goes on their own site and whether anyone there cares.

Neglected websites lead me to ask the following questions:

1. Are they still in business?It could be a real possibility that they have a neglected website because they are no longer in business.

2. Do they want new customers?Perhaps they have enough work from their current customers and are happy with a stable work load.

3. Do they not grasp technology? – This has serious repercussions about whether I would do business with them. They may not be using an abacus instead of a calculator but its very unlikely they are really using technology to make things easier for their clients and themselves.

4. Are they inefficient? I would have no confidence in them being able to respond to any questions in a prompt manner.

5. Do they not get business? People are on the internet and if they what other holes are there in their business operations.


Appearance is often the focal point of most web design projects but search rankings and conversion rate are influenced and affected by how up to date the website is. A company that is serious about getting results from the web must ensure their website is kept up-to-date, and ideally, they should also have thought about their web-content strategy to avoid the repercussions of neglected websites.

At The E-commerce Workroom we advise our clients on how to manage their sites after development and deliver guidelines to help them with their web content strategy to ensure the success of the projects we are involved with.

To find out how we can help your business build and deliver its web content strategy, contact us.

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