10 Ways To Improve Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the rate that visitors are turning into buyers and so website managers are always looking to improve their ecommerce conversion rate. A conversion rate can have its limitations without properly understanding it’s meaning, this is because it can be calculated in numerous ways and every website is unique. However, all other factors remaining equal, here are ten key ways which could increase the chances of a visitor turning into a customer-

1. Structure – does the website have an easily understood navigation structure? Test this by asking people to find products and see if they always head to the right place every time.

2. Performance Testing – does the site take too long to load or have accessibility issues? Thinking about mobile users is an important part of this as any user who can’t access the site quickly in the way they choose, will inevitably leave.

3. 3 second test – can shoppers tell what you sell within 3 seconds? If not they may give up before they get to find out if you have the product that they’re interested in.

4. Trust – would a shopper trust their card details with you? Display security credentials at the vital parts and ensure the user knows your company is respectable and trustworthy.

5. Easy to call – can shoppers easily phone you up to ask a question? They may have questions and want the reassurance of speaking to a person. Make sure they can find a telephone number and that the number always gets a professional response.

6. Pain points – does the website deal with pain points easily? Delivery and returns policy need to be clearly displayed and dealt with.

7. Related Products – do you accurately present similar products? Ecommerce conversion rates has decreased over the last 10 years as people turn to the web more for browsing. rather than searching for a specific product. Displaying related products within each product page will help facilitate browsing which could lead to buying.

8. Forced login – Do you force users to login to use the shopping basket? Forcing them to do too much too early will scare users off who may be hesitant to put details in until they want to make the purchase.

9. Abandoned carts – Are you following up potential opportunities? Retargeted advertising and emailing those who abandon shopping carts can bring in as many as 20% of those who abandon carts back to the site to buy.

10. Product Information – are you giving people enough information to buy the product? The more information you can give people the more likely they are to make the purchase. Tell them the strengths (and weaknesses) of each product in order to allow them to make an educated purchasing decision.


Conversion rates can be problematic for a number of reasons as some sources of traffic can provide visitors who are less likely to buy (such as social media) and the method of measuring can be manipulated to present different results. However, concentrating on the above factors will help turn more visitors into buyers, which will help deliver improvements in the real key metrics that matter to Ecommerce website owners which are revenue and profit.

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