Why Use WordPress?

At E-commerce Workroom we use a variety of different platforms and CMS systems and frequently use WordPress for many of our projects. Many people are unclear about why use WordPress and when it is the right option. WordPress is a leading CMS platform that currently powers over 71 million websites across the world.

There are many answers to the question of why use WordPress? – To begin with, the platform makes it easy to implement unique and dynamic designs. Essentially the platform gives the designer a blank canvas to produce their work, laying the content over the top of this design. With other platforms, such as Magento, the design is something that is much more interwoven amongst the functionality, which can throw up difficulties in achieving a truly dynamic look to a website.

One of the biggest advantages of WordPress is the rich community providing Wordpress ecommercevery high quality plugins and extensions. This keeps the total cost of ownership down for both initial implementation and for future expansion by removing the need to reinvent the wheel. Features can usually be added to the website simply by finding a relevant plugin and carrying out some configuration work, rather than coding the feature from scratch.

Lastly, for today’s social world WordPress makes it super easy to build a following of readers around your website. The best approach to maximising the potential of any website is to provide great content and therefore garner a large audience, and of course Google loves a popular website.

With WordPress the best systems are in place whilst Re-Think E-commerce excel in taking advantage of the foundation that the platform gives us.

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